Guwahati North of Brahmaputra

Why Guwahati Why north of Brahmaputra

Rivers send ripples through by blood vessels. And I have been enthralled by the great rivers always. So the scope of visiting the northern embankments of Guwahati sprinkled with stardust from archaeology and mysticism made me happy. Though I was in an official tour I stayed a day long at own cost. It was to swevel through history and culture.


Reaching Guwahati and Office work

I took an early morning flight to reach Bordoloi airport on time. A cab driver known to me was asked to be at airport but he couldn’t and sent a replacement. I rushed to my office and started with the training program.

At evening I returned to my usual hotel at Guwahati almost 500 meters from the Airport. I was damn tired and after a dinner in my room was fast asleep soon. Had however arranged a car for next day to visit North Guwahati and to drop me at airport at end. It was little costly as my usual driver couldn’t come.

Morning and crossing the Brahmaputra

Guwahati was hosting 12th South Asian Games and it was Saraswati Puja morning. I was up early and had a quick breakfast from outside. Had a good bath and alighted the waiting car after checking out from the hotel.

The day before had already decided that will not cross the Brahmaputra by vessel as has to visit sites of interest away from the jetty. Thus I crossed via the double-decker railway bridge and took a road to the left along the embankments. it was the Amin gaon Dol Gobinda Road.

I reached near Amin Gao to see schools adorned with flowers and in festive mood because of the pujas. Actually I was searching for a place to snap a picture of the Kamakhya hill from North Guwahati across the Brahmaputra river.

I stopped at a place to get a glimpse of the morning village life beside Brahmaputra.

Archeology and Mysticism

Aswaklanta Temple

I reached Aswaklanta temple on a hillock beside Brahmaputra river . The name derives from a folklore that Sri Krishna while returning from Assam after being victorious took rest here as the horses to his chariot felt tired. Though another mythology states Sri Krishna had to return being unable to cross the mighty Ganges itself and Gangardari civilization flourished on the opposite bank as before.

Climbed several steep steps to reach the temple in solitude amongst dense tree cover. It is also called Ananta swain Vishnu temple. As a lying Vishnu sculpture exists on Brahmaputra adjacent to the temple.

Though wished to visit the riverine islands in view couldn’t because of time constraints.

Dhol Govinda Temple

My next destination was the infamous Dhol Govinda temple. An old temple almost entirely  reconstructed with a maddening crowd on sripanchami day.

The neglect to the old sculptures disheartened me. I was searching for some Assamese music and got some CDs from a shop around the temple.

Kanai Baroshi Bowa Sil or Inscription

Skipping the temple I rushed to a historical  location nearby. I was at Kanai Baroshi Bowa  Sil or rock inscription. It was the victory monument of the Assamese kings over the Mughul army in 1667 and commemorates the building of Ahom  fort.

Dirgheswari Temple

Soon I was rushing to Dirgheswari Temple atop a hill. The place also has some rock inscriptions depicting  Tantric beliefs and sutras. In yesteryears while Kamakhya  was the performance  sites of reverted Tantric yogis this was the practising site for learning disciples.

I entered the Garbha Griha on expectation of relics but was disheartened.

North Guwahati Brahmaputra embankment, Saraswati Puja & Assamese Cuisine

Travelling along the embankment of Brahmaputra at North Guwahati I came across school children in festive mood enjoying Saraswati Puja. I was searching for a decent place to eat. Couldn’t find any on the northern embankments except a dhaba that too without any assamese food.

I asked the driver to take me to a restaurant with assamese food. Had teki and rice from a place on way to airport. By 5:30 pm I was in Bordoloi airport and returned to Kolkata by 7 pm.



What I missed

Though I had the dream of visiting Hajo Poa Mecca the Islamic site but skipped due to time constraints. Better next time with a visit to the mystical village of Tantric scriptures and Black Magic at Mayang and the Pobitora Wild Life Sanctuary nearby.

Bye till then

Yours forever

Wandrous Wanderer




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