Puri Chandrabhaga Beaches Konarak Dhauli Udaygiri Khandagiri

Why Puri

I have been to Puri several times. The initial plan was to go to Sikkim and all rail, car & stay  bookings were complete. The earthquake at Lachung compelled us to change our plans and hurriedly get to Puri. 

Day 1 Arraival at Puri

We arraived at Puri by evening taking the Duranto express and took an auto from the station to our hotel stay. The hotel was partially incomplete but I had chosen it for the location away from the hustle of town life.

I had been to Puri with my parents in my childhood in 1981 for the first time. Then again I was there during Indian Medical Association All India Conference at Bhubaneshwar. That was the day after the Tsunami.

But this time we were damn tired and had a sumptuous dinner served at room. I went early to bed after vain attempts to sea the dark night sea beach from my hotel window.

Day2 Puri to Konark, Dhauli & Udaygiri Khandagiri

Morning Coffee at Hotel

Was up early morning enjoying sea view from our hotel room as we sipped simmering hot coffee . We had booked the previous day auto for the whole day. And it arraived well on time.

Oliver riddle turtle sanctuary at Chandrabhaga Beach

By 9 am we were at Mohanipur on Chandrabhaga beach in the Oliver riddle turtle sanctuary. Though couldn’t spot a single turtle enjoyed the virgin beach upon entering with a ticket.

Ramachandi Beach

Travelling along the Beldal Puri road we crossed Nua Nai river to reach a place with sea kissing our road. We saw a comparatively new Garudeswar Temple. We appeared at Balighai Ramachandi beach to visit an Mahabelleswar temple.

The Ramachandi Police station was adjacent and we had a toilet facility near the parking area.

Konarak Beach

We reached Konark (Chandra bhaga) Beach to see the Chandra bhaga temple.

I left the sea side travelling away to reach Konark temple.

Konark Sun Temple

Reached the ASI site at 11:30am. After getting the required tickets we were in. I took long hours taking snaps of almost every sculpture on the temple wall.


Left the temple grounds after using the toilets at around 1:40 pm. We however had our lunch from a restaurant in the Panthanivas complex on opposite side of the sun temple.

Shanti Stupa at Dhauli

Reached there by 3:30 pm. The stupa was built on hillock beside the Daya River facing the Ancient battlefield of King Ashoka.

Udaygiri Khandagiri Caves

We hurried to the site by 4:48 pm.

We visited the Digambar Jain Temple there. As it was already dusk had to return cutting short our plan to visit Taptapani, a hotspring I had visited in my childhood. 

Temple on road & Back to Hotel

On way back our auto driver stopped at a temple just outside Puri to pay some tributes which he told he everyday does, especially on days he gets a good trip. We also had tea and evening snacks in a roadside shanty. Being pleased with the tour I booked him for the next day too.

We had a protein rich dinner again in the hotel room. 

Our tour continued for 4 more days at Puri, Chilka Lake and in and around Bhubaneswar. Take your time in continuing with me in Part2. Bye till then


Sincerely Yours
Wandrous Wanderer

Part2 : Puri Chilka & Bhubaneswar